Age | 30

Email | RealLifeNinjaDD@gmail.com

Address | 850 Sherman Ave, Hamden, CT, 06514

Drew Drechsel was born in Coral Springs, Florida, currently living in Hamden, Connecticut. Drechsel has always been active in sports; he’s partook in baseball, football, wrestling, volleyball, and even toured as a pro disc golfer. It wasn't until Drechsel found parkour that he really felt his skills connected to a single sport. Drechsel first showcased his abilities in 2011 on television series Jump City: Seattle, a parkour based competition which lead him to compete on the hit television show American Ninja Warrior. Drechsel’s first season on American Ninja Warrior he ranked in the top ten however had to withdraw mid run due to a shocking leg injury on the course. This injury sparked a fire within Drechsel to come back even stronger. With Drechsel’s already noted athletic capability, and admired comeback, he quickly began to be recognized as one of the overall top competitors and favorites to watch. Drechsel has continued to establish impressive stats throughout his years of involvement of American Ninja Warrior as well as representing America individually and as a team captain in international ninja competitions. With such respected results of obstacle racing, Drechsel has become an evident source for advice among other ninjas, which compelled him to have his own ninja training facilities and share his knowledge with kids and adults.